Witch Hazel Dried Loose Leaves Herb Herbal Tea 10g
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Witch Hazel Dried Loose Leaves Herb Herbal Tea 10g

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Witch hazel branches have been traditionally used by dowsers to locate water; forked branches of witch hazel are used as dowsing or divining rods. It was the Early European settlers who first observed Native Americans using witch-hazel rods to find underground sources of water. It’s postulated that the name for witch-hazel could have been ‘wicke-hazel’ wicke in olde English meant ‘lively’ which could have described the action of the diving rod when it located water. 

The leaves can be used to make tea, an infusion of the leaves can be soothing to the skin and is good for applying to burns, scalds and skin eruptions such as acne and for soothing insect bites. Witch hazel infusion can be added to lotions and washes to help cleanse oily skin without stripping natural oils, it can also be applied to help soothe itching.