Space Clearing Workshop Sunday XXXXXX

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Space Clearing Workshop Sunday XXXXXX

Feeling you want a clear start for Spring 2019, do you feel a need to clear out the old to bring in the new?

This preparatory workshop will introduce you to the basics for space and clutter clearing starting your journey into the clarity and focus which so often gets lost in our cluttered and overwhelming lives.

Our home can often be a metaphor for our lives, an external reflection of our internal world.

Clutter blocks the flow of beneficial energy in our lives. It causes stagnation, frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed and we are often left feeling as though we cannot see the wood for the trees.

What do you feel is cluttering your life and your space at the moment?

The Space Clearing Workshop is about clearing and enhancing the energy of your life:

  • Held on Sunday 13th May 1pm until 4pm at Kinsale Therapy Centre, Kinsale Road, BS14 
  • Your home can become an island of peace in time and space that will attract the love and clarity of the universe, in turn radiating these qualities out into the world.
  • Contact Jane Kershaw on 0117 9140966 (answer machine) to book or for more details.

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