Space Clearing, Protection, Creating Sacred Space

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Space Clearing, Protection, Creating Sacred Space

Is the energy in your home feeling stagnant? 

Have you just moved into your home and want to clear the energy of those who lived there previously? 

Have you just decorated and want to set a positive intention and bring in positive energy? 

Has there been illness or a death in your home that you want to change the space energetically to help with moving on? 

Would you like some practical help and guidance to assist  you with any of the above and other queries and concerns about the energy in your home? 

We are all affected by our environment both positively and negatively and often with a few practical and intuitive changes we can change our environment and our fortunes. As a Reiki Master I have a broad experience of working with energy, I am also a trained counsellor which assists with the therapeutic approach to working with the environment and it's impact on us physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, using a range of tools for creating positive, sacred environments informed by Native American, Reiki and Feng Shui traditions to name a few. 

All first appointment consultations are free of charge*

Please contact Jane Kershaw to arrange your free first appointment on 0117 9140966 (answer machine)


*The is a charge for travel costs dependent on mileage, minimum charge of £5. 

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