Meadowsweet Magical Dried Herb 10g

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Meadowsweet Magical Dried Herb 10g

Meadowsweet's salicylic acid compound makes this herb very interesting as a potential pain reliever, especially for arthritic and rheumatic conditions. It is also known to lower the stomach pH level, which helps ease heartburn, stomach ulcers and other inflammatory conditions of the digestive system such as gastritis and colitis. It can also be used to control diarrhoea and is mild enough to be given to children. It is strongly diaphoretic and diuretic and is very effective in breaking fevers. It appears to have a drying effect on the mucous membranes, which makes it a very suitable herb for feverish colds and flu. It has also been used for kidney and bladder inflammations. The leaves are styptic and can be used externally as a compress to staunch the bleeding of stab wounds. Old herbals recommend simmering the flowers in wine for an even greater effect. This concoction is said to stop inner bleeding and leucorrhoea and give relief for painful rheumatic joints, lumbago and sciatica. By virtue of its diuretic action it can reduce oedema and cleanses the blood.


Meadowsweet was one of the Druid's most revered herbs. In the Mabinogion it is told that, among other herbs, Meadowsweet served as a magical ingredient to create the flower maiden 'Bloddeuedd' who was to be the wife of Llew Llaw Gyffes. Thus it is often associated with love magic. Alas, the magical marriage did not last. Meadowsweet may be more suitable for finding a passionate but short-lived affair rather than marital bliss. It is also associated with the gift of courage and protection and may be used to attune to the fairy realm.(Star Child)

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