I Love Lavender Gift Set (Full Size Products!)
I Love Lavender Gift Set (Full Size Products!)
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I Love Lavender Gift Set (Full Size Products!)

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  • Lavender Organic Pure Essential Oil 10ml ( Lavandula angustifolia)
  • Calming, antiseptic and rejuvenating
  • Among the most versatile of essential oils to use, Lavender is a great stress reliever thanks to its calming and sedative properties
  • Soothing, stress-releasing and restoring
    Lavender Organic essential oil is the most versatile and useful oil. It has an abundance of uses. 
    It relaxes and soothes the mind & body, and is number one for use in your first aid kit at home. 
    The beautiful Lavender shrub produces some bright blue Lavender flowers, grown in the southern regions of France. French steam distilled Lavender Angustifolia is an iconic cosmetic aroma that has been used to fragrance linens & cosmetic products for centuries, whether its a pillow case, a candle, lotion or soap.A very soothing oil. When added to a Carrier Oil it can be used in massage to help with PMT or just as a lovely calming rub. Lavender can be used as a massage, in a vaporiser, in bath preparations and on a pillow. It  has natural cleansing, calming and sedative properties.

    Baths: blend 5-8 drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil and add to bath
    Massages: add 2-3 drops of essential oils to 1 tablespoonful of carrier oil
    Vaporisation: add 2-4 drops of essential oils to a burner, aroma stone or aroma stream
    Shelf Life and Preservatives:
    Our essential oils all have a shelf life in excess of 12 months.  However, as with any essential oil we recommend using it within 12 months of opening.
  • Our Essential Oils: 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils suitable for use by therapists.
  • Lavender Angustifolia Flower - Organic (Lavandula angustifolia) 25g True Lavender
  • Antioxidant protection: Lavender is packed full of antioxidants, it’s compounds also stimulate the activity of our body’s natural antioxidant processes. It provides an effective defence from the free radicals we encounter on a daily basis.
  • Natural pain killer: With its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, Lavender can aid in alleviating pain intensity.
  • Mood booster: Lavender has documented benefits in lifting your mood, thanks to its ability to soothe and calm.
  • Target breakouts: With its antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, Lavender is one of the best oils to help fight breakouts.
  • Packed in a brown eco friendly ziplock bag so your herbs stay fresh at all times!
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  • DISCLAIMER: All of our products are handled in our private property. The ingredient information that we provide is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. 
  • Lavender & Tea Tree Cleansing Face Gel 100ml, by AA Skincare 
  • Naturally anti-inflammatory, soothing and repairing.
  • This naturally effective face wash helps to cleanse and protect the skin.
  • Ideal for congested & acne prone skins.
  • This naturally effective face wash helps to cleanses and protects the skin with natural antiseptic, anti-fungal and antiviral properties.
  • We've brought together the worlds two most popular essential oils. Lavender and Tea Tree not only cleanse and protect the skin, but tone and restore too.This deep cleansing facial wash is naturally antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal, making it perfect for acne prone skin, spots, blemishes and other abrasions. Effective as a daily cleanser as part of your regular skincare routine
  • Active Ingredients: Lavender Essential Oil can help sooth and calm skin, and has great anti-inflammatory and balancing properties on the skin. Tea Tree Essential Oil has great antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help clear and refresh skin. Aloe Vera helps to calm and sooth skin and is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which can promote cell growth.Glycerin has great moisturising and hydrating properties.
  • Inci Listing:
  • Aqua, Lauryl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Xantham Gum, Aloe Barbadensis Juice Powder (Aloe Vera), Glycerin, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil (Lavender Essential Oil), Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (Tea Tree Essential Oil), Citric acid, Levulinis Levulinate, Sodium Phytate, Sodium Benzoate.
  • Whipped Lavender & Chamomile Shea Butter 120ml
  • Calming and nourishing
  • An excellent daily use moisturiser
  • Shea butter is an amazing moisturiser in it's own right - we've added calming Lavender and nourishing Chamomile to create an intensely moisturising cream that is gentle yet highly effective.
  • Shea butter is high in fatty acids and many vitamins including A & E. It also contains cinnamic acid which helps to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • An amazing moisturiser which is a superior treatment for dry, ageing and dehydrated skin especialy. It's suitable for use with any skin type.
  • The composition of its natural ingredients also provide excellent protection for your skin.
  • We've added Lavender & Chamomile so you can be sure that your skin is benefitting from the calming and soothing properties associated with these essential oils.
  • Contains Beeswax and so not suitable for Vegans.
  • Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Lavender, Chamomile.
  • Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Olea europa (olive oil), Cera alba ( bees wax pellets), Lavandula angustifolia ( Lavender oil), Anthemis nobilis (chamomile oil), Tocopherol, Geraniol, Citronellol, Limomene, Linalool.