Green Aventurine Pendulum and Chain.
Green Aventurine Pendulum and Chain.
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Green Aventurine Pendulum and Chain.

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Green Aventurine Pendulum and Chain.

Gem stone is approx 80mm x 55mm

Chain Length: Approx 220mm

Approximate Weight: 18g each piece

Please note: To the best of my knowledge, these stones are natural and their colour has not been enhanced.

Stone Origin: India

Perfect size to carry in your pocket!

They all have been cleansed (Reiki & Spring Water). You will receive 1 of the 2 pieces pictured in this listing.

Good Luck, Growth, Confidence, Peace

Green Aventurine is a stone of optimism and zest for life. It can comfort, heal and create harmony. It offers well-being and emotional calm. It helps one decide what make them happy.

It is known for good luck, abundance, adventures in travel, healing the heart and emotions. Green Aventurine enhances creativity, independence, prosperity, career success, calmness and balance. It helps us to see alternatives and potentials.

Use Green Aventurine when working with the solar plexus and heart Chakras.

Other Green Aventurine Info:

Associated Zodiac Sign(s): Aries

Associated Planet: Mercury

Associated Number(s): 3

Associated Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus

Please note: Crystal info listed here is for informational purposes only. My reference sources are works by Judy Hall

A pendulum is a symmetrical, weighted object that is hung from a single chain or cord. It’s never made of a magnetic substance, but is often a crystal. It’s also possible to use objects such as a favourite trinket, a bead, a metal ball or even a key. The pendulum is a very simple tool and one that lets the user tune in to their intuitive powers. The pendulum acts as a receiver and transmitter of information, and moves in different ways in response to questions.

A pendulum works by tapping into your intuition and sixth sense. The pendulum acts as a form of receiver and transmitter, from your higher guidance, guardian angels and spiritual teachers. As the pendulum moves, you gain answers in response to questions – it is best suited to use to answer `yes` or `no` questions. Some people describe the way a pendulum works as being like bringing together the rational and intuitive sides of you (the left and right sides of your brain). When these two elements are brought together, you’re able to make decisions using all the sources, rather than just one of them.