Taurus Gift Guide

Don't be deceived by their phlegmatic, often stubborn disposition. This earthy, sensual sign is ruled by Venus and enjoys luxuriating in gifts that appeal to all their senses.

For Her, Frankincense and Rose moisturising face cream 60m, £7.90.

Frankincense & Rose Face Cream 60ml

For Him, Cedarwood and Black Seed Organic moisturising face cream 60ml, £12.00

Cedarwood & Black Seed Organic Moisturising Face Cream 60ml

Restorative Himalayan Baths Salts £2.00, complimented with Lavender  flowers £2.15, and Organic Pink Rose Buds £2.60, create a bath experience for your tired Taurean to relish. 

 Himalayan Rock Salt

At the end of a strenuous day, Relaxing Massage Oil 100ml £7.80

Relaxing Massage Oil 100ml 


Fine food and drink are one way to win over the Taurean in your life. Organic Blue Lotus Flowers bring an extra zest to the table.. 15g £8.80

Organic Blue Lotus Flowers  


The home loving Taurean enjoys the colour blue in all aspects. Let's not forget Bristol Blue.  Bone China Tea Set £89.99

Bristol Blue Rose Betty Bone China Tea Set




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