Pisces Gift Guide

Find a gift for the loyal, compassionate, and clever Piscean in your life. 

It’s time to pamper your empathetic, intuitive and emotional friend with a gift that speaks to their sentimental side. Ruled by Neptune, the celestial body governing escapism and dreams, this ethereal water sign has a boundless imagination that makes finding gifts for Pisces a treat in itself. From bath-time treats to luxurious pyjamas, explore our cosmos-approved gift ideas guaranteed to charm this dreamy sign of the zodiac.

Basil, Bay, Lime Candle

Basil, Bay & Lime Mini-Pot Candle, (20 hours) Recyclable. 
Regular price £5.50

Help turn their home into a spa-like sanctuary with a soothing candle to ensure they’re met with positive energy, no matter what their day entails.

Help their creative mind hone in on their visionary ideas with a 'Little Black Book'. like this handmade leather journal. £15.05

Handmade, Leather Little Black Book

Pisceans benefit from rituals related to water - think indulgent baths, hot showers, and walks by the sea. Help them unwind and truly relax during their evening routine.

Sensuous Body Lotion 100ml Paragon Free £5.90

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