How to Smudge Your Home

First set the intention to clear your home or space of negative, stagnant energy to be replaced by positive, enlivened energy. Never underestimate the power of your intention. 


Light a tea light, smudge sticks are notoriously difficult to light and stay alight. Light your smudge stick from the tea light. This may take a few attempts. 

California White Sage Smudge Stick

Once your smudge stick is alight and smoking, move to the main entrance to your home or the area you intend to smudge. 

Start moving counter clockwise around your home or the area you wish to clear, intending to move all negativity ahead of you with the smoke. Remember to ensure you send smoke into all corners where stagnant area sits, intending to move this energy around and out. You may wish to use a feather to help waft the sacred smoke into difficult to reach corners or spaces. Keep moving steadily in the counter clockwise route around the space ending where you started, intending the negative energy be released outside of your space. 

positive energy 

 Now you can invite in the positive, enlivened energy you would like into your space. Again, remember the power of your intention. You might want to open windows in your home or space, inviting in the new energy brimming with vitality. You may light tea lights in each space intending the light from the flame calls in positive energy for the duration of the flame, to fill the space.  Let your imagination  have fun!

Putting out a smudge stick can often be as difficult as lighting one in the first place. We often recommend stubbing out the smudge stick on a hard, paved surface. 

Remember to never leave a lit smudge stick unattended. 

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