Happy New Year! Welcome 2022

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!! We're on our way to a fabulous year!

Let's all just take a moment to stop, breathe in a big lungful of air and as we let it out, consider what we have achieved in the last twelve months. Just taking a moment to pause can be a powerful way to reconnect with the moment and ourselves. 

Looking forward with optimism is a helpful strategy any day of the year. It always feels especially powerful after the mid winter, when our focus turns to spring and lengthening days. How are you going to nurture yourself over the next couple of weeks and months? 

How many times will you just stop to breathe and pause? At Spirit, we're looking at creating some beautiful tea blends to support and sustain us with what ever 2022 brings. We're going to be developing some lovely essential oil blends and body oils  for nurturing and pampering. Definitely pampering! We're also looking to develop a refill option on our blends and body oils. Watch this space. 

Remember we offer free local delivery and always available for a quick chat about our products and their availability. Enjoy your January, however you choose to spend it. x



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