August Gifts!

We thought we might make gift buying a little easier this month. We've started introducing a gift bag option with some of our essential oils. We're planning to introduce this option to as much of our range as possible. Please feel able to call us to ask for additional gift packaging by message or phone call with any orders.

We have extended our range of teas and started to introduce our own blends. We promise these are only being tested on Spirit staff and friends. We have started with our gut health and wellbeing with a Digestion Tea blend.

We have found with all these teas, blends and essential oils, less is more. Start splashing the oils around and you get contra indications, too much of a tea is overwhelming. Follow the guidelines for the oils and use approximately a teaspoon per person for the teas. Allowing the oils and teas to settle before use means you get the best from them.

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