All Things Yuletide

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This is it! We're working flat out in Spirit at the moment and loving every moment!. What a wonderful time of year. A time of giving, receiving and celebrating! We're noticing our Helping Hands Burners are definitely the gift du jour. Everyone is loving their healthy teas, using  elderberries, echinacea and mullein to help fight any infections and keep themselves well. We'll all be ready for a lie down once the Solstice is over. 

How are you all looking after yourselves during this busy time? We're hoping you're able to meet up with some friends or families. Maybe you're doing some volunteering with the wonderful peeps at Caring at Christmas, who are around all year as Caring in Bristol?

We'll be closing over the Bank Holidays during  the festive season and then open again on Wednesday 29th December. Please remember we offer free local delivery up to and including Christmas Eve. 

Have a Wonderful Winter Solstice and Yuletide. 

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