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We love Valentines Day, focusing on love and romance in the midst of frozen February. A bit of lightness at the end of the dark days of winter. We thought we'd focus on self love this year in addition to hearts, flowers and romance. Everything to put a spring in our step. 

Hydration - This is one of the easiest self care routines with almost immediate positive results. Our body lets us know when it's dehydrated in a myriad of ways; headaches, dull and dry skin and constipation to name a few. Drinking water or a simple herbal tea can alleviate some of the symptoms almost immediately. Why not try a cup of raspberry leaf tea in the morning to kick start your day with a host of antioxidants. 

Skincare - looking good, helps us to feel good. A relaxing herbal salt bath combines emotional and psychological self care with the added bonus of absorption of healing magnesium into our bodies. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and looks and feels wonderful after a detoxing, exfoliating herbal salt bath with the wonderful scents of lavender and rose or whatever natural herbal flowers you want to add with maybe a dash of an essential oil to really boost the self care. And, do not forget the scented candles, resting our tired computer monitor eyes, with soft lighting and inhaling those wonderful scents as they cocoon us with their aroma. 

Rest - They don't call it 'beauty sleep' for nothing. It may not be the amount of sleep but it is definitely the quality and regularity of our sleep that underpins our self care, ability to manage the stress in our lives and look good doing it. Numerous articles about sleep stress the importance of a bed time routine. There are some herbal teas associated with sleep and are easily incorporated into any night time routine. Rest does not always equate to sleep, it can just as easily equate to time spent meditating, reading, painting or any activity that allows you feel at peace. 

Activity - Many of us are spending all our working hours in front of computer monitors, with precious little fresh air and exercise to physically tire us out although we will be mentally exhausted. When we are stressed and anxious we often shallow breathe, starving our brain of oxygen and raising our stress levels. When we inhale deeply we send oxygen to the brain, helping to reduce feelings of stress.  We are biologically made to be active, not necessarily athletes, a lot of the body's natural systems are activated when we move. 

When we prioritise our self care, we are resourced to help others. 

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